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Paul Hayes

Paul is our Workshop Manager and technician, and brings to Biketyke bike shop Barnsley over two decades of experience.

From working at some of the largest retailers in the country, to being a writer and tester for a leading MTB magazine in the UK, you will be hard pressed to find anyone with the passion and knowledge that Paul possesses.

Whether it be a mountain bike, road bike, or any bike, for bike repairs Barnsley, see the expert! Friendly, down to earth, Paul has a loyal band of customers which is quickly growing.

Bike servicing Barnsley – there is a reason why Biketyke is number one.


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Bike Servicing

Starting at just £25, we offer a range of services to suit your bike’s needs. Each service includes a thorough multi point inspection and report of the components – an initial assessment is FREE. We will diagnose and advise of any problem items not covered or not apparent when first assessed.


Basic Service Schedule £25

Our Basic Service is ideal for those whose bike just needs a tune up. The service includes:

– Full inspection of components and safety check, bolts retorqued as necessary
– Adjustment of gears and brake calipers
– Gear hanger alignment
– Lubrication of cables, chain and drivetrain pivots
– Headset adjustment
– Removal of seat post which is cleaned and regreased



Essential Service Schedule £45

Our mid level service is a great option for the rider who needs a more in depth tuning of their cycle, especially if the drivetrain is causing issues. In addition to the Basic Service:

– The complete drivetrain will be removed, cleaned and refitted
– Inner cables replaced if needed
– Cup and cone hubs adjusted
– Minor wheel truing
– Mechanical and hydraulic brake pads removed, cleaned and scoured (if needed)

If required the labour involved in fitting any of the following parts will be carried out at no extra cost: Chain, brake blocks and pads, outer cables, jockey pulleys, cassette.


Premium Service Schedule £75

Our Premium Service takes our highly regarded Essential Service and pushes it to the max! In addition, your bike (where applicable) will also have the following work undertaken:

– All major components are stripped from the frame; the frame is then cleaned
– Bottom bracket threads are chased if needed, and loose bearings replaced
– All cabling is replaced with new Jagwire branded parts
– Headset parts are cleaned and regreased, and if has caged bearings, replaced
– Cup and cone hubs are stripped, cleaned and the bearings replaced
– Hydraulic brakes are bled of air

This is a fantastic option to breathe new life into an old bike!


NB Any replacement parts required or work not covered by the service schedules must be authorised by the customer and will be charged as extra to the service cost, unless stated.

Repair Menu

– Headset adjustment: £5
– Headset fitting: £20
– Cup and cone hub adjustment: from £5
– Wheel truing: from £8
– Wheel building: from £25 plus parts
– Spoke replacement (single): £15-£25
– Tubeless conversions: from £10
– Derailleur adjustment: £6 per mech
– Hanger fit/alignment: £15
– Derailleur fit: £15
– Inner tube replacement (inc tube): £10
– Lower fork leg service: from £20
– Fork fitting: £20
– Boxed bike builds (if not bought from us, as these are FREE): £25
– Frame swap: from £50
– Brake bleeds: £15
– Brake pad fitting: £6
– Cable replacement: £6
– Cassette fitting or removal: £10
– Bottom bracket replacement: £15
– Chain fit: £8
– Chainring fitting: from £15
– Chainset fit: £10
– Bottom bracket fitting: £15
– Bottom bracket adjustment: £10
– Suspension set up: £5 per unit (sag)
– Bar, stem, pedals, seatpost or saddle fitting: £5
– Mudguard and accessory fitting: from £5

The above prices do not include parts (unless stated) and are general prices, subject to refinement upon assessing the repair/service required. A surcharge may be added if the parts to be fitted are not supplied by Biketyke.